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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Giver Her Credit

  There's a little game we play in this town.  Whenever the governor announces a news conference, two things happen: She huddles with her staff to anticipate every possible question the nosey news hounds might ask and reporters try to out smart them.
   It happened during the annual year-in-review session staged in her office Monday afternoon.
   Media secretary Liz Boyd was bubbling because she and her minions anticipated the questions about the high and low moments for her boss during 2008.  They don't get high marks for that since that is pretty much standard fare for these exchanges.
   Boyd concedes however there was one inquiry they did not nail in advance and you could tell, because the governor had to think about her response…in fact she thought quite awhile.
   Question:  What did you personally learn from the Kwame Kilpatrick story?
   She pauses, looks in the air as if seeking divine guidance and whispers this under her breath, "there are so many." Than she pauses again and finally confesses that there are lessons to be learned for children considering a career in politics.
   Do what you say and say what you do and "don't deceive the public."
   Oh, but she left a lot of stuff out.  For starters avoid arrogance at all cost, don't ever think you won't get caught or consider yourself above the law; when you mess up, confess it sooner than later and when you finally fess up, do it with a contrite heart and not with more arrogance about making a political comeback.
    Even though the governor left all that out, clearly her high water mark of the year was when she finally got up enough nerve to take on His Honor by calling for an ouster hearing .  She was slow getting to that point, but eventually she did and deserves credit for doing it.


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