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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ah, Sweet Revenge?

    He made them wait…and wait…and wait some more and finally after an agonizing week, the president did something to help Michigan and the Big Three.
    You gotta wonder, did he let Michigan democrats swing in the wind just to get even?
    George W. Bush had every political reason to deliver a payback to Jennifer Granholm and her democratic buddies who have made a career out of lambasting Bush for their own political gain.
    When she ran against republican Dick DeVos, Granholm linked DeVos to Bush's "failed economic policies." 
    When John McCain ran against Barack Obama, Michigan democrats replaced the DeVos mug and inserted McCain. The D's effectively complained if you liked what Mr. Bush did to the state's economy, you could buy four more years with McCain.
    It's a likely bet that Bush knew he was being used and abused so when it came time for him to release $14 billion to GM and Chrysler, he appeared to be in no hurry to don his Texas cowboy hat an ride his white horse to the rescue.
     A contrite Gov. Granholm last Monday thanked the president for suggesting he would help out…a first for her. 
     Monday came and went. Tuesday and Wednesday rolled by, too.  Late Thursday night Granholm contemplated the unthinkable: Bush might stiff the autos and forced them into a "managed bankruptcy" whatever the heck that is.
     "Absolutely," Granholm told WWJ NewsRadio 950, she was worried about that adding, "We were on the edge of our seats."
       As the refrains of Brenda=2 0Lee's rock and roll hit "I'm Sorry" maybe bounced around in the gov's noggin', she was relieved to hear Friday morning that the bridge loan to supposed solvency was approved.
       For the second time in less than a week, she said thank you again.
       All along the White House said it was working out the details which is why it was taking so long.  Yeah, but if "W" was not slowly extracting a pound of revenge, he must have had a smirk on his face as he saw the D's in Michigan squirm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Kerry and Joe Biden did not vote yes and also a few other Democratic senators sat on their rearends and refused to vote.what say you about these guys?I think they are just useless as far as MI goes.

December 25, 2008 at 6:46 AM 

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