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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where's My O.J.

       Glory be.  Is there hope for the free world?  O.J. Simpson is going to the slammer and the news media did not provide, nor did the reading public demand 24-7 coverage of the less than earth shattering event. In fact on some newspaper web sites you couldn't even find the story.
       The O.J. story was not covered on Larry King which is the all time exploiter of that story line.  A quick review of some newspaper web sites in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Bay City and Ann Arbor revealed O.J. did not even make it to the front page.
        Closer to home the two Detroit newspapers covered the story but one of them buried it last in the web rundown and the other played it just before its report on GM honcho Rick Wagoner getting a vote of confidence from his board.
        That reflected the decisions of=2 0the news outlets. As for the  reading public, it appeared bored with O.J.
        If you look at the top five stories for both Detroit papers based on readership interest, sports trumped Simpson. Two of the top stories at the Free Press dealt with Matt Millen of the Lions and the Pistons losing.  At the News the top story was about a Buffalo football coach and Sam McGuffie from the U of M football team who didn't attend the football banquet.  Sam who?
       The auto industry bridge loan story made the top five in both papers.
       So what happened?
        America had an off day and for a single moment decided to break its obsession with non-news news.
       It had to be that because most news consumers conti nue to be more interested in sports, celebs, and disasters.  So let's get back to normal. What has Brittany been up to?


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