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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Like Father-Like Son

    So much for Mitt Romney running for Michigan governor.
    With his not so welcomed remarks recently that it would be okey dokey for one of the Big Three to go into the tank, Romney has taken himself off the 2010 list of potential gov. candidates.
    Obviously his remarks were not aimed at the state house in Lansing but the White House in Washington D.C.
    After first reading his treasoness comments, you had to wonder what his Daddy, former Gov. George Romney, was thinking up in heaven?
     George had to be grinning because 29 years ago when they wanted to bail out the sagging Chrysler Corporation, Romney said forget it.
     And on top of that when Romney ran American Motors he was the first voice in the wilderness to suggest that the mo nster cars with fins that Detroit was grinding out were "gas guzzling dinosaurs."      
     He, of course, was way ahead of the curve as eventually the smaller foreign competitors stormed the market place and handed Detroit its lunch which culminated in the mess we see today.
     Mitt's comments were along the same "told ya so" lines as the old man.  It's not that the junior Romney wanted the autos to go under, he was signaling a warning much like Dad did with the dinosaur comments.
     The auto guys ignored George and now find themselves facing extinction just like the dinosaurs unless the Congress tosses them a lifeline.
     Circle December 2 on your little calendar cause if the Big Three don't cough up a plan to justify the Congress coughing up some bucks, Mitt's comments about one of them going into bankruptcy may turn ou t to be prophetic.
     Like father like son.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can season & spice a crap sandwich any way You like, however it will remain a crap sandwich.
With that said, Mitt is a chip off the steamy pile.

November 23, 2008 at 12:31 PM 

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