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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post-Election-Post Mortem Session

        There were at least three outbursts of hearty laughter from behind the closed doors so you knew the republicans meeting in secret were still alive despite what happened to them on November 4th.
       The unusual post election post mortem was convened by Dick DeVos who recently told the party he would take a hike on the 2010 race for governor.
       "I'm concerned about our party and how do we go forward," he hurriedly explained as his wife Betsy pulled him into the elevator to avoid more of the uninvited reporter's questions. 
        "There are lessons to be learned," chimed in Attorney General Mike Cox stating the obvious. He was also among the two-dozen or so party big wigs trying to put a smiley face on a decidedly lousy election.
         While no game changing strategies were adopted to jump start the GOP, the session may be more newsworthy for who was not in the room.
          Where was Secretary of State Terri Lyn Land?
          And wouldn't ya think L. Brooks Patterson should have been in there?  Maybe he wasn't invited because his message may not have been welcomed.  He would have argued for moving the party to the sensible center of the political spectrum in order to reverse the string of democratic victories that gets longer ever two years.
         Without  the Brooks-ter in there, nobody made that suggestion according to someone who was inside.  Maybe they forgot that in the middle is where elections are won not on the far right which has been the state GOP's proclivity for a long time.
         Ask John McCain about that.


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