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In and outs of the political campaigns, focusing on Michigan and Lansing, Tim Skubick will report regularly throughout the primary and then general election campaigns.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

R's: Que Pasa?

Final score: Passion-1 and John McCain-zero.
You could feel it. The Democrats had passion and showed up
at the polls in huge numbers to prove it, and while the McCain
supporters liked their guy, they did not have the "P" word and sort
of ho-hummed him into the loss column.
The hand writing for this was on the wall. All you had to
do was look at the crowds each candidate attracted. Obama with his
rock star persona waltzed onto the stage in one venue after another
and the crowd went nuts. McCain took the podium and got applause but
the contrast was striking. It wasn't until the hockey mom showed up
that the noise and excitement meter went up a couple of notches only
to falter after most voters figured out she was not ready for prime
Of course, the McCain loss went deeper than passion. It
looks like he had the whole deck stacked against him: George B. Bush,
a rotten economy, the Wall Street crash, his economic blueprint
looked tattered and worn, and of course he was up against the agent
of change, Barack Obama.
As Republicans wake up to a splitting political headache,
they now have a chance to open a much needed discussion on where this
state and national party is headed. Obviously the old playbook of tax
cuts, wedge issues such as gay marriage, and fiscal responsibility
are not making it.
In fact, the GOP brand on balancing the budget was destroyed
by the soon to be ex-prez "W" who hands over to Mr.Obama a staggering
sea of red ink.
Meanwhile, having successfully navigated a grueling campaign,
the president-elect now confronts and even greater challenge: Governing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, The one bad thing about the Democratic Tsunami in yesterday's election is the fact that Mark Brewer will get the lion's share of the credit in the state's races. I say this because I personally think he is the 'poster child' for what is wrong with politics in this country! He is a pathetic POS and has no business being in a position of power. But now he will simply be reinforced by yesterday's results, thinking his 'tactics' were right, when in actuality, he was simply an indirect beneficiary of the Anti-Republican sentiment that America's worst President precipitated all by himself!

November 5, 2008 at 1:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today I had 5 clients request that I set up off-shore accounts for them, we'll be moving 40+million out of the country by December 31. These ppl will be investing from outside of the country to avoid Obama's promised tax increases. History repeats itself, 30 years ago the "Carter" administration messed up this country so bad that ppl with money are not taking the chance again. With the Dems controlling both house/senate and president post it looks to be a rough 2-4 years. IF history repeats itself, we will have double the inflation rate, double the interest rate and double the unemployment rate within 1 year. Hope that all of those of you that voted for Obama get exactly what is coming to you... Btw, 500 point drop today is just a sign of things to come.

November 5, 2008 at 6:15 PM 

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