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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political World Series

   Sports fans had their World Series last week. Now, it's time for the political junkies to have theirs.
   The pundits who live for this stuff will have oodles of stuff to sift.
    Item:  The college vote.  Back in 2000 when Al Gore had a really good shot at beating the Governor of Texas... what was his name?, only 40% of the college kids bothered to vote.  Four years later the number increased to 49% but still well below the rest of the adult voting population.
    This year, the college gang attended free rock concerts, they stuffed mailers, went door to door, but John McCain is hoping at this very moment that the enthusiasm ended there and that the majority of college kids will burn a sofa instead of voting.  
   Item:  Voting irregularities. There will be election stories on alleged illegal voting.  The R's will blast the D's for trying to steal the election by voting dead persons and the D's will accuse the R's of intimidating voters at the polls. How bad will it get this year?
   Item:  Female voters.  As a rule, female voters determine elections. They vote in higher numbers; they tend to more attune to the issues than their male counterparts, many of whom decide the election based on which candidate would make a good drinking buddy. 
  Item:  Gut vs. brains and experience.  It's a personal theory but the case can be made that voters increasingly are voting from their gut on how they "feel" about the candidate.  (See beer drinking above.)  Experience, which once was the major factor in a contest, has lost its influence.  If experience counted it would be Hillary Clinton against John MCain, but it's not.
    And if experience really counted John McCain would be ahead in the polls.
    Tune in after the vote for the analysis on all these items.


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