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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pick An Adjective Take 2

   As advertised here a couple of days ago, here ya go with another installment of pick the adjective to describe the two guys running for El Presidente.
    Remember a group of highly skilled professionals were given the assignment and after they took the hatchet to Joe Biden and Sarah the Hockey Mom, here's what they did to Barack Obama and John McCain.
    Hands down, the most used adjective to describe McCain guessed it, "old."
    The rest of the folks went with boring, unsteady, staid, inconsistent, confused and angry.  Apparently nobody had heard him called a grumpy old man.
    On the plus side, McCain was viewed as patriotic, a leader, the old stand by maverick, veteran and experienced.
    Obama was an empty suit to one, socialist to another, scary to a third and phony.
     Compared to McCain, he scored more positive points: exciting, smooth, confident, inspirational, young, energy, presidential (he'd like that one) and skilled orator.
     Several felt he was inexperienced.
     Of course this very unscientific survey means very little but here's one that should give both camps some food for thought.  Scholastic magazine ran a mock election for school kids and Obama won going away.
      The kids have picked the winner a vast majority of the time.  McCain hopes they didn't this time.


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