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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ancient History

         With zero money to wage an air war, the opponents of the so-called medical marijuana ballot proposal are trying to gobble up all the free media they can get, but some ancient history has surfaced that could give some ammo to the other side.
         A state Senate Concurrent Resolution from March of 1982 has surfaced in which a handful of lawmakers not only embrace the use of "marihuana for legitimate medical purposes," but they urge the federal government to stop blocking those state efforts.
          And here's the kicker.  One of the co-sponsors is the modern day daddy of the state GOP…none other than John Engler!
          Sure enough.  There is Engler's name along with six other co-sponsors of the resolution.
           One current backer of Proposal One says he is "shocked" that the Republican Party has "completely abandoned the John Engler legacy."
            The 1982 resolution argues, "Scientific and medical studies show marihuana to be of medical value in the treatment of glaucoma" and in easing the pain from certain cancer treatments.
             The coalition currently pushing for a no vote claims the plan is flawed and will have a "dangerous impact on our kids and communities."
             And just in case the Engler endorsement shows up in an ad, the anti-grass side will likely argue things are different now than in 1982 and perhaps Engler made a mistake.
             Somebody needs to ask the former gov. if he has changed his mind.


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