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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Long Joe Six Pack

     You had to wonder as the third and final debate for president unfolded, how many folks were watching the Phils and the Dodgers in their playoff game?
      At least at the end of that thing, there was a clear winner.  The same could not be said for the match-up between Barack Obama and John McCain.
       Oh sure the GOP self-described underdog got in some good zingers, but if he laid a glove on Obama, you'd need a magnifying class to find it.
       Unfortunately viewers who skipped the ballgame got a rehash of earlier debates. The two guys still disagree on health care, the role of government in solving problems and who has the nastier commercials.
       Obama did get one thing right i.e. the American people are not interested in the "tit for tat and=2 0the back and forth" of who is attacking whom. Unfortunately political reporters love that stuff which is why it gets so much media play.
       Debate moderator Bob Schieffer almost had the question of the night but seemingly blew it when he raised the issue of those campaign attacks.  Instead of asking the two to comment on the ad contents, he should have asked if they wanted to apologize for some of the unkind and perhaps untruthful statements made in the ads.
       We did learn one thing .  The days of Joe Six Pack appear to be over as he has been replaced by Joe the Plummer who apparently has a better talent agent than the other Joe.
        McCain, trying to appeal to the blue collar little guy, used Joe to explain how Obama's policies would hurt him, but Obama concluded two can play that pandering game as he addressed Joe the Plummer, too.
        Wonder if good ole boy Joe was watching the ball game?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect Joe, too, mispells plumber.

October 17, 2008 at 6:18 AM 

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