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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Game Changer

     Popular wisdom is often wrong in politics, but this time it is dead on right:  If John McCain has even a whimper of a hope of winning this thing, he needs a game changer.
     Going into the last debate this week there is one sitting out there, but it's unclear if McCain's brain trust, which has been short on brains recently, may miss it.
     So here it is…an apology.
     Picture the opening moments of the final debate.
     McCain does the gratuitous thank to the commission for sponsoring the debate and thanks his ole buddy and moderator Bob Schieffer for showing up and then he slowly pivots to look his opponent in the eyes and begins.
     "Before we get into t his exchange, I want to look you in the eyes Barack and apologize…apologize for a number of things.  First you are not "that one" as I incorrectly referred to you the other night.  Secondly, you've probably heard that at my rallies, some of my avid supporters have encouraged me to take you on, take the gloves off, and hit you with the Bill Ayers stuff.  I will not.  That has nothing to do with this contest and on behalf of my supporters; I apologize for them and the commercials they've been running.  And, finally, I did stand up for you the other day when someone called you an Arab.  I said it then and repeat it here now; you are a decent American and a patriotic man who loves his country as much as I do.  And my friend, it's been an honor to debate you and with this hand shake, I promise you, if you win I will be there to help you lead, just as I know deep in my heart that if I win, you and Michelle will be there for Cindy and me as well.  (Hand shake and hug.)
        Independent voters who will determine the winner have been leaving McCain in droves. They would suddenly stop and reevaluate.  They love candidates who have the stature to admit a mistake and they might even believe that McCain really was a maverick if he did it.


Blogger Kris said...

As one of those "undecided voters" I find that I wish both candidates would simply stop telling me why I should not vote for their opponent, but more so why I should vote for THEM!

Spend your time in these last few days telling me why you deserve my vote and just stop slinging the mud, calling each other names, trying to out shout each other and just tell me why I should vote for you.

If you do that, you have nothing to apologize for and perhaps more people will believe in your vision if you spell out exactly what that vision is in clear terms that most can understand.

October 13, 2008 at 6:34 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim - you're right. I'm on the fence right now, but, hearing something like that, I'd be leaning toward McCain.

October 14, 2008 at 2:53 AM 

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