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Friday, October 17, 2008

Brain-Dead and Jerk

      On the rubber chicken circuit to keep the audience awake, members are asked to take out a piece of paper and a pencil, which immediately sends them back to elementary school when those words meant test.  Instead they are asked to write the names, Obama, McCain, Palin and Biden and then are told to write one adjective under each name to describe the quartet.
       The results are always illuminating and funny and to prove it take a gander at these goodies taken from a roomful of highly skilled professionals.  As they used to say on Dragnet, the name of the group is changed to protect the innocent.
       Of course they had the most fun with Sarah Palin, the "I can see Russia from my backyard" GOP V.P. pick.
       The responses started with train wreck and degenerated from there to include: stupid, scary, insecure, annoying, redneck, uninformed and brain-dead .  Ouch.
        There apparently were some R's in the joint as they noted she was dynamic, refreshing, folksy (you betya), charismatic, energetic, and ?.
        If there was a trend line it had to do with her appearance as one person called her a hottie, another cute, and a third beautiful.  Gonna guess those were all guys.
        Somewhat surprisingly her seasoned opponent Mr. Biden took some hits too beginning with old fart and going down from there: bone head, verbose, jerk, indiscreet, stiff, strange, non-trustworthy, tainted, and non-existent, whatever that means.
        On the up side, several noted his experience with one calling him a senate warrior, and another felt he was steady.
        But one concl usion from the informal survey, the majority of folks didn't like either one albeit for different reasons but being called brain-dead and a jerk are not terms of endearment.
         In another blog, the findings on the two big guys. 


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