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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blizzard Question

               How would you answer the blizzard question?
               You know, would you go out in a blizzard to vote for the candidate of your choice?
                How you answer helps to quantify the degree of passion you have for that person.  If you would not go out, your passion is pretty low but if you would, you obviously are a committed supporter.
                Somebody half jokingly noted the other day that John McCain's best hope next Tuesday is for a snowstorm or a down pour that might depress the Democratic turnout.  In reality it is McCain who is at risk if the winds blow and the snow piles up.
                That's because Barack Obama has tapped into the passion vein more so than John McCain. Just count noses at their respective rallies in these dying days.
                 Yet for the D's there is this underlying paranoia, fear, call it what you will, that complacency could set in between now and Tuesday.
                 "I never sleep until the election is over," notes Debbie Dingell a top tier democrat whose job it is to deliver Michigan for her party.
                 Republicans, on the other hand, are a bit anxious that their troops, deflated with McCain abruptly left the state, will stay home whether the sun shines or the snows blow.
                 With 98% of the state's voters signed up to vote, Michigan could set a record for turnout…depending on the weather and the degree of passion in the electorate.
                 What would you do in a blizzard?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This election, I'd stand in a blizzard, vote, and then pick people up and take them to the polls. I see the weather is supposed to be warm, 60 and sunny. What a great day! Two questions, Tim:
1- What's the newest polling in Mi-07? Last I've seen was 10/06, and Schauer was laeding by 5 points. Are there any polls more recent?
2- Will Michigan ever go to early voting, as some of the other states have?

October 30, 2008 at 6:44 AM 

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