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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Littier--Too Later

       Realizing, as Yogi said, "It ain't over 'til it's over," let's just assume that John McCain loses this thing next week and the pundits will then go to work to tell you why.
        Fact is the analysis can be done right now:  McCain pulled a DeVos.
        You remember Dick DeVos.  He had everything going for him when he challenged Jennifer Granholm two years ago. But she won by 14 points because DeVos could never get out from under one issue---China.
         Granholm and company wrapped up DeVos in the notion that he was shipping jobs off to China. Of course the charge was a distortion, but hey, in politics what's wrong with a little distortion?
         John McCain meet Dick DeVos.  From the opening gun in his bid, McCain was joined at the hip to George W. Bush and the democrats refused to separate the political Siamese Twins.  And by the time McCain found the right scalpel to do it himself, it was too late.
         "If you wanted to run against George Bush," and exasperated McCain finally lectured his opponent in the last debate, "you should have run against him four years ago."
          Too little, too late.
          Then just days before the election, McCain made another stab at it.  He told audiences that both he and Barack Obama had disagreements with Mr. Bush.
           Too littlier, too later.
           By the time McCain figured out what to say, the dye was cast.  When voters looked at him, they saw Mr. Bush.
           And if McCain loses, even state GOP chair Saul Anuzis concedes, "The democrats did a very good job of tying McCain to George Bush."
           How good a job?
           We'll know in one week.


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