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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Archer Out

      Once a Supreme Court justice.  Always a Supreme Court justice.
      And former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer proved the point by taking 26 paragraphs..that's right 26, to announce he would not run for governor.  The document read just like a Supreme Court decision.
     Put another way, Mr. Archer has trouble speaking in TV-crafted 10 second sound bites, which meant he would have had challenges if had decided to run.
     The affable Mr. Mayor took two years of tramping all over the state to conclude he did not have the fire in his belly to run.  He of course expressed it in more eloquent terms.
     "To run and be a successful governor, it would require me to marry our state.  Thus, if elected, I wou ld rarely see and enjoy time with my wife, Trudy" and the rest of his family including two grandsons.
      It came down to a choice of speaking at every Rotary club between Monroe and Marquette, and bouncing the grandkids on his knee.  Archer voted for the knee bouncing.
      It was the right decision for him.  A run for statewide office consumes the person making the forced march.  Family comes second, maybe even third or fourth.
      Archer has a great gig going now with his law duties with a prestigious firm in Motown.  Plus with his good buddy Barack Obama in the White House, Mr. Archer may be headed to D.C. to run the Civil Rights division of the U.S. Attorney General's office.
      He could take his wife and the grand kids could visit..unless, of course, knee bouncing is against the law down there.


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