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Monday, November 24, 2008

Into The Woods

  How in the heck do they get away with this stuff, year after year after year?
  Now all you second amendment gun folks, don't go reaching for your heat.  This is not an anti-gun dissertation, but it does have to do with how lawmakers close up shop for two weeks to go hunting.
  Years ago, you could actually hold a session of the Michigan legislature up North because so many guys went off into the woods in search of who knows what.  There was some grumbling about the "tradition" in the media, but it never went much beyond that.
   Nobody has done a head count, but it doesn't appear that many lawmakers partake anymore but the non-hunters apparently are more than happy to have the time off while a handful of their colleagues sit out in the cold looking for Bambi.
   Enough already .
   The state's economy is in the tank.  The state budget deficit could approach a billion dollars next year. The lame duck agenda has a load of critical items, some of which might actually create a job or two, and the entire legislature takes a hike for two weeks.
   The solution is simple.  Those who want to hunt, go hunt.  There's a phony legislative excuse system already in place for them to disappear and no one would be the wiser.  Then everyone else could stay in town and do the people's business.  At last glance that's what the legislature was designed to do, but apparently, they'll do it on their time, but on your dime.


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