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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Read Between the Lines

    In her most extensive comments to date about going to Washington as part of the new Obama administration, some have concluded that Jernnifer Granholm is not going.  But don't be fooled by what she said.
    "I've not been asked to join the Obama team," she told capitol correspondents during a phone news conference.  She was telling the truth, but that does not mean she won't be asked down the road.
    She was then asked if she had been contacted about supplying personal data as part of the vetting process. Her answer seemed to rule that out.  
    "I'm not aware that I'm being vetted in anyway."
    That is true too because the normal procedure for selecting high-ranking cabinet members is not to contact them at the beginning of the vetting process.  That only comes at the conclusion when there is a possibility she might be offered something.  This is the way it is done according to a former member of the Clinton administration who went through the vetting procedure.
    So based on her remarks, some have hedged their bets that she will leave.  But the smart betting money in this town concludes her statements are misleading at best and being misconstrued at worse. 


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