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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bishop makes right move by staying at work

          The Senate Majority leader has dodged the bullet by doing the right thing.
          Oakland County GOP Senator Mike Bishop was in the cross hairs as he was making noises about shutting down the lame duck legislature after they put the ribbon on $134 million in budget cuts.
           Several weeks ago Bishop called in the capitol press corps and tagged the budget deficit as his top priority, but then he added several other issues including expansion of Cobo Hall, building a public-private light rail transit system down Woodward Avenue and into the suburbs, and helping those facing home foreclosures.
          But then Bishop changed his tune.  So much for those priorities as he started muttering about getting out of town for fear the lame duck session might disintegrate into a political free for all.
          It is true that after the election when everyone is safely reelected or about to walk out the door for the last time, crazy things can happen, but for Bishop to close up shop and head home for the holidays was a nasty blog just waiting to be written.
          The affable leader has apparently come to his senses.  He will remain under pressure to do something about Blue Cross and Blue Shield, he will take heat on other issues as well, but standing in there and leading is what being a leader is all about.
          Yes it would be more comfy to be home in front of the Yule log, but as long as taxpayers are footing the bill, Mr. Bishop was correct to give them their money's worth by sticking around.



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