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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hairdresser Tells All On Gov.

        What was the old TV commercial:  Only her hairdresser knows for sure?"
        Turns out the governor's hairdresser knows a lot and she's talking to the Saginaw News and adding more fuel to the "Granholm is going to D.C. fires."
        Stop laughing.
        Cheryl Hadsall has been cutting the gov's blond locks for years and she did the other day, what reporters in this town have been asking for weeks.
        "I personally asked her (about her future), and I was curious and everybody's been asking me," Hadsall reports.
         Turns out she is d oing better than all the smarty pants pundits who've been drilling dry holes for weeks.
          "As of last Monday (Dec. 1) when I was at her house, she has not been called."  That's what Granholm, herself, said last week.
          But, and here's the juicy stuff, Hadsall adds, "If she was called and offered the right job, she would take it.  Something where she could better promote Michigan…."
          The key words, of course are, "right job" and "she would take it."  Granholm has never uttered that to anybody in the real media.
          Hadsall is close to Granholm and considers the governor a mentor.  Hadsall is also the chairwoman of the Saginaw County Board of Commissioners s o she must know a thing or two about politics, don't ya think?
          But apparently she didn't know enough to keep her mouth closed. 
          So now you have to wonder, is the governor looking for a more discreet hair designer?


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