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Friday, December 19, 2008

Not interested

         Governor Jennifer Granholm privately chuckles she can't sing worth a hoot but nonetheless she has quietly changed her tune regarding a job with the Obama administration.
         Now, all of a sudden she has became candid with the media announcing, through her surrogate mouthpiece that, glory be, she is not interested in a post with the prez-elect.
         Well imagine that…she is not interested.
         What happened to all that malarkey about wanting to serve as governor with a friend in the White House?  That's been her song and dance for six weeks.
         So what happened?
         For six weeks she was interested but now when all the cabinet posts are all but spoken for and she is on the outside looking in, she reveals she is not interested.
          For a governor who likes transparency, you can see through this without your glasses.
          Here's how the game is played: When someone has been told they won't get an appointment, this is done privately to give the rejectee time to cover his or her tracks by saying her or she didn't want the job in the first place. 
          Then when someone else is selected, the person who lost out can save face.
          Dollars to donuts this is what happened in this case. 
          Of course, media secretary Liz Boyd, who sang the new song for the governor, (remember she can't sing), left the door open noting that Ms. Granholm was not interested "at this time."
         Look it.  At some point, she will be offered a job she wants and it will be one they want her to have and that will be before the next election in 2010.


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