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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fess-up Time

  If, as they claim, confession is good for the soul, why won't devote Gov. Jennifer Granholm confess her team botched the unemployment and jammed phone line debacle?
  Given the chance the other day the governor thought about it for a couple of seconds but then demurred with, "Let's move on."
  Well some others are saying, "Let's not."
  Look it.  The inability of frustrated citizens, who are already out of work, to file for jobless benefits is an embarrassment but the governor contends Wall Street is partly to blame for creating the economic meltdown in the first place and those bad guys in Congress who initially stiffed the domestic auto industry are next in line.
    Does that mean, she was asked the other day, that everyone else is to blame and not you?
    A flustered governor with TV cameras grinding away, in essence said the buck stopped at her desk.  "I'm responsible," she correctly stated, but when asked if she had made any miscues, she dove for the tall grass.
    Last time anybody checked, Wall Street and the Congress did not have jurisdiction over Michigan's antiquated and dilapidated computer system which has been unable to handle one million calls a day.
    The system, which dates to the days of Jim Blanchard, may have been state of the art twenty years ago, but year-by-year, as technology has advanced, Gov. John Engler and now this governor either could not or would not spend the cash to upgrade.
     She could have confessed, we should have done that but we did not and now we will do everything we can to correct the mistake.
    But she didn't.


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