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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tears and Politics

     There's no crying in baseball, but there is in politics and you'll see lots of tears shed this week.
      The really successful politicians have strong emotions and passion and over the years that has been seen in public.
       Former Gov. John Engler, who had a hide as tough as nails, almost broke down during his final address to the legislature when he talked about his family.  Later in an exit interview, he almost broke down again when talking about taking the oath of office for the first time with his dad sitting behind him.
       Former Gov. William Milliken has had his moments, too.  When he got in the Lincoln to head up to T.C. for the last time as governor, everyone was teary eyed.  And more recently during a one-hour public TV broadcast, right at the end, you could see the tears in his eyes again.
      House Speaker Andy Dillon came close to tears last week when he talked about his son losing his best friend because the family had to sell its home to the bank.
      And soon to be President of the United State Barack Obama has been there, too.  At a public appearance just after his grandma passed on, you could see the tears coming on.
      Which brings us to the impending inauguration.
      Tears will be in abundance especially among African Americans and rightfully so. They will see, for the first time, one of their own sworn in as leader of the free world.
      "I never thought I would see this in my life time," composer Quincy Jones told Larry King over the weekend.  And that sentiment has been reflected time and time a gain as the cable news gang has talked to common folk, too.
       Tears of joy.  Not a bad way to start a new chapter in American history. 


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