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Thursday, February 5, 2009

And That's The Way It Is

     "This is Walter Cronkite reporting in front of this Hollywood theatre and we're hear to interview all the stars going in for the Grammy's."
      Cronkite interviewing recording stars?  If he was dead, and he's not, he'd not only be spinning in his grave, he would send a nasty email to Katie Couric who is hosting a special Grammy broadcast.
      Katie. Katie. Katie.
      Once again that illusive line between hard news and entertainment is crossed and Couric's credibility takes a hit as a result.
      Sure it is old school to keep your anchors and correspondents out of the show biz milieu, but the new school says, viewers like celebrity news so why not give them what they want and apparently anchor person Couric agrees.
       In TV news these days you do anything to boast your ratings
       In a feeble attempt to justify this we-don't-care-anymore-what-uncle-Walter-did, the CBS network points out that on the well respected 60 minutes broadcast, there are lots of profiles on celebs. With all due respect to the so-called Tiffany network, two wrongs don't make a right, and they should change the Tiffany label to Wal Mart.
      Heck if their major anchor can do the Grammy's, why stop there?  She could co-anchor Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and all the other pulp show biz broadcasts masquerading as news shows.
     In the grand scheme of things, "Couric does Hollywood" is a blip, but for folks who deeply care about journalism, it's just one more nail in the credibility-loss coffin.
     And, unfortunately, that's they way it is.


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