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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Efficiency Panel Is Not

      The so-called Legislative Commission on Government Efficiency has demonstrated that it's as bad as the legislature at meeting deadlines which leads to the conclusion that the efficiency commission is itself inefficient.
       Here's the drill.
       The House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader formed this little group to find ways to save your tax dollars by streamlining government.  Oh goody, goody.
       Originally the deadline for filing this report was June of this year.
       The media got wind of this deadline and suggested if the commission wanted to have any impact, it should accelerate the deadline so that the rec ommendations could be used in the current budget process which is now underway.
       To its credit the commission co-chairs said they would have the report done by the end of January.
       Well you know where this is going.
       At the end of January, one co chair reported they needed four more weeks.  O.K. it was a minor delay so no big deal.
       But now this week, the commission unceremoniously announces it will not be done until…you guessed it, June, 2009.
       Deadlines are made to be broken. At least the efficiency commission was efficient at doing that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very disturbing to me, and it seems that it should be simple. If it is not needed to insure the safety of citizens, scrap it. This is not the time for any luxuries or unnecasary spending. Michigan is reported to have one of the highest unempoyment in the nation, lets be trying to fix that, and put people back to work. That will increse revenue, and then allow us to reinstate some of these programs we have to lose during these hard times.

March 8, 2009 at 6:56 AM 

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