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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Next?

        You can sell a bunch of papers if you come across a good "man bites dog" story.  Imagine how many you could sell if it was a "man has sex with dog" story?
        Pull up a chair because Rep. Rick Jones has just such a tale to tell.
        For a good two years, the former Eaton County sheriff has been on a mission to expand the reach of the state's sex offender registry to include those who went to prison for molesting an animal.
        Jones says there are several cases of those crooks going to the slammer, doing the time and then heading back home to, perhaps, your neighborhood but you won't find their names on the sex registry because there's no law to require it.
  A 0    At first blush, the GOP lawmaker knows that initially this sounds like a humorous story, but he's dead serious about it as he points to Jeffrey Dalmer and Henry Lee Lucas whom Jones describes as "famed mass murders."
        Both guys apparently started on their killing ways by attacking animals and eventually "moved up to people" as Jones puts it and if it can happen twice, it can happen again.
        "These are such dangerous people and we should know where they live," he goes on while claiming to have support from "some judges and the prosecutor's association."
          Jones confesses that he's the only guy in the legislature willing to take this one and he appear to be correct in that only about four or five of his colleagues have signed on to co-sponsor the "man has sex with dog" proposal.  But the chair of the committee that may get the bill signed on and that means this measure could see the legislative light of day.


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