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Monday, March 9, 2009

Have You Heard The One About...

        Chris Rock she is not, but Gov. Jennifer Granholm, for one night, would like to be, without all the foul mouth antics of the popular stand-up comic of course.
         Michigan's governor, who has set the record for soaking up more national media face time than any other governor in state history, has added one more gig that came out of nowhere.
         Get this.  She's been invited to do a comic routine at the prestigious Gridiron Club dinner sponsored by the Washington White House press corps on March 21 with the president, his spouse and all the big D.C. shooters in the audience.
         While the governor considers it a huge honor, she is shivering in her high heels because she's not least she says so.
          "I'm the most unfunny person in the world," she laments "and to have me speaking at the Gridiron Club…I don't have much good material."
          Which is where you come in.
          "I'm asking everybody to submit stuff," she sends out a comedy SOS.
           She has also ordered her Washington staff to start working the halls of Congress for other material, as she does not want to depend solely on "common citizens" for her jokes.
           Ironically the governor had a stand up comic/state police officer on her security detail who could be helping her right now. However he was quietly reassigned to a desk job.  Word was she was concerned he might say something on stage that might cause her political problems.
            Apparently she is right.   She doesn't have a sense of humor. 


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