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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Any Day Now Brooks

      Here is a political fact of life: If somebody really has the fire in the gut to run for governor, they don't sit on the fence waiting for divine intervention before they get off the fence.
      Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson please take note.
      In early February when Patterson showed up at a Lansing conference of county officials, he advised that within two or three weeks, he would make a decision on whether to reprise his 1982 bid for the state's top elective office.
      It is now five weeks later and fence sitter Patterson is still ensconced in his "I don't know what to do" mode.  And trying to get your arms around his leanings is illusive.
      "My mood is based on the last person I talked to, " he laments ..  Some of his friends say he should run, some of his friends say he should not and the affable Mr. Patterson is agreeing with his friends.
       Patterson, always the team player, does reflect that he needs to wrap this up one way or the other for those who are "in line behind me" as he puts it.
       Whoever those folks are, apparently they are on hold, until Patterson gets off hold.  Those with the burning desire to run must be chomping at the bit as Patterson doodles along.
       An oblique overture was made to move this story down the road.  How about we run a story that says you are not running and you can deny it for the next two or three weeks and then not run?
      Patterson would not play the game because, "It wouldn't be true."
      Don't ya think at some point his you know what would get sore straddling that fence?


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