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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3500 By Oct. 1

     Chalk up the Michigan Sheriff's Association as a strong "no" vote.  In fact it wants nothing to do with the governor's proposal to dump 3500 inmates back into the streets by October first at a cost savings for taxpayers.
     But MSA director Terry Jungel wonders at what cost to the state's crime rate?
     He's convinced 50-60% of those released will strike again.
     The Granholm administration respectively disagrees.
     In fact the gov's prison director says she would not support the program if she felt the crime rate would skyrocket.
     You know what Jungel thinks about Pat Caruso's observation?
=0 A
      "She works for the governor."  End of story.
      The back and forth here concerns the possible release of inmates who have already served their minimum time in the slammer. The gov and company contend if they have done the minimum time why not release them?
       Here's why not according to Jungel.
       "If you behave" and have served the minimum, he has no problem with considering them for a release but "the fact that they are in there past their minimum means they have not behaved.  Why let them out?"
        The administration says it will screen out the bad guys but Junkel says only the bad guys are in there to begin with.  He contends for first time fe lons, the chances of going to the Big House are only one in ten.  So to get there, you need two or three felony convictions, Jungel argues.
        "We should never second guess judges and juries," he warns but the governor is asking an expanded parole board to review all these cases with what goal in mind Mr. Jungel?
        "To get more people out."  Which is exactly what the sheriff's don't want.


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