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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guilt Bt Association

    Is this logical?  State Democratic Party Chair says whomever the republicans run for governor will have to answer for the failed economic policies of "George Bush, Dick DeVos and those Southern Republicans who wanted to stab the auto industry in the back."
    But then he advises that when the R's try to link Lt. John Cherry to Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the voters will see through that.
    "The voters are sophisticated enough that they aren't going to buy that."
     So let's see if we have this straight.  When Brewer tries to play the guilt-by-association card against the republican nominee, voters will buy it. However when the republicans play the same card against Cherry, if he is the nominee, the same voters won't punish Cherry for Granholm's sins?
    If th ere is logic in there somewhere, please point it out.
    Brewer, who appeared on the Off the Record Publc TV broadcast this weekend, conceded that the current governor has had a rough go of it. In 2006, she blamed Bush and her opponent DeVos for the economic downturn and voters did not blame her.
    But this is not 2006. Since then there's been a wholesale meltdown in the domestic auto industry, which brought the Big Three to its knees.  Granholm could not get elected dogcatcher today.  Which is why the Cherry camp is worried.  Why would voters support him when he was a key player in her administration?
    "When we look back years from now, the governor laid the foundation" for an economic recovery and "she did a great job" under awful circumstances, Brewer argues.
     Maybe in the long run, but Cherry is running In the short run20and there won't be a recovery by 2010. That means Granholm's economic policies, which the GOP will say produced the highest jobless rate in twenty five years, will be tattooed all over Cherry in commercial after commercial.
     Then we'll see how "sophisticated" the voters really are.
     See the Brewer performance at WKAR.ORG


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was floored that Mr. Brewer made these comments almost contiguously. It looked like the sort of thing Jon Stewart's crew might have spliced together. That said, it could just as easily have been a Republican making the same baseless argument.
Glad you called him on it!

March 22, 2009 at 6:34 PM 
Blogger Jim15032 said...

Jenny can't get elected dogcatcher, and she wouldn't be re-elected governor, but I predict she will beat Bob Young for the Supreme Court in 2010.

April 1, 2009 at 11:14 AM 

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