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Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Kid On The Stump

    Rick who for governor?
    For weeks there have been signals in the GOP camp that some "out-of-the-blue" candidate might surface to challenge a host of other republicans for the 2010 nomination for governor.
    And out-of-the-blue comes none other than Rick Snyder.  Ta. Da.
    If he walked through that door over there, you would not know Snyder from Adam…except for the clothes of course.
    Rick who? is really a 51 year-old native of Battle Creek with no practical politics under his belt, yet here he is hoping to parlay his business acumen into a job in the state house as CEO.
    He now runs a technology investment firm and to say the least his formation of an exploratory committee has everyone ta lking.
    There is speculation that the new state GOP chair Ron Weiser may have something to do with the emergence of the new kid on the stump.  That could likely ruffle the feathers of others who are already in the field because supposedly party chairs don't get involved in primary candidate selection…at least that's the theory.
    There are already rumblings that Snyder is really a "liberal" in disguise with a record of supporting liberal causes and candidates in the past.
    If true, the state GOP has not seen the likes of that since Bill Millken, the last of the so-called liberal-moderate republicans.
    So welcome to the game Mr. Snyder, whatever you look like.


Blogger willie the worm said...

Dear Mr. Skubick if Friday's OTR performance by the head of the Democratic party is any indication, the Republicans may be able to make some political "hay". He was frantic, didactic and avoided answering any of the panels questions with honesty. Maybe his cold medicines screwed with his head.

March 22, 2009 at 6:22 AM 

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