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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth To Governor

    Give it up governor.  You are on a mission from God, but the unwashed are non-believers.
     The U.S. auto industry has never really recovered from the disastrous appearance last December in the nation's capitol when it showed up hat in hand for federal assistance.
     With their expensive corporate planes cooling their jets at the local airport, the Big Three executives took a beating as Congress turned against them fasting than you can say, "Buy American."
     Gov. Jennifer Granholm witnessed the meltdown along with everyone else and ever since she's been carrying the water for the industry trying, in vain, to turn public opinion around.
     And there she was again this week, hoping on the big bird headed to D.C. to continue her Jenny-one-note performance.
< div class="MsoNormal">     Based on the latest polling data, 96% in this country don't care if the autos go under, so the governor was asked, "Are you ready to concede defeat."
     "Are you kidding?" she fired back in that patented Granholm never-say-die optimism.
      "People are tired of bail outs," she tries to rationalize the engrained hatred of the auto industry and folks don't understand that you "can't let the backbone of manufacturing" go down the drain. 
       Earth to governor. People do understand and they are tired of your cheerleading, and despite all your well intentioned efforts to sell this story on every major TV network and all the talking head cable gab-fests, it is not working.
       Save the plane fare and u se the money to reduce the state deficit.


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