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Monday, March 23, 2009

Snyder Foisted OnRemember Smietanka Grassroots

      There are rumblings out there that the out-of-nowhere bid for governor launched last week by Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder might be a re-do of the GOP flap over attorney general years ago.
     A source who is familiar with the GOP primary race for governor recalls that when then Gov. John Engler tried to anoint Scott Romney for A.G., the grassroots in the party rose up and rebuffed the governor and picked John Smietanka instead.
     Fast-forward to the 2010 contest for governor and this source says attempts by GOP party chair Ron Weiser to impose Snyder on the party will "backfire.  We are a grassroots party and when leadership tires to pick a candidate, the party rebels," contends his source.
     To be sure, no one has been able to confirm that Weiser is behind the Snyder potential candidacy, but several sources within the party are shopping the notion and are personally convinced he is.
     It's safe to say that the opposition research on Snyder has already begun as others try to frame his image with the public before Snyder has a chance to do it himself.
     Meanwhile Snyder's spokesperson says the would-be candidate will not be doing a lot of media interviews right now as he prefers to "listen" to what the grassroots have to say first.  If the above sources are right, he could get an earful about being foisted on those grassroots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people who are supporting Snyder are the same people who supported Smietanka.

Snyder is the candidate of the grassroots.

May 31, 2009 at 5:46 PM 

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