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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who's The Bad Guy Here?

  Here's the headline that should have come out of the president's chitchat on Monday concerning the viability of the domestic car industry:  Obama Orders More Layoffs at GM and Chrysler.
    Instead most of the coverage of President Barack Obama's auto speech focused on the ouster of Rick Wagoner, now GM's former CEO.
    Poor Rick, but what about the poor autoworkers?
    In fact when the anchor guys at TV-2 and TV-7 had a chance to cross exam the president, the first question was, "Why let Wagoner go?"
   They should have asked if Mr. Obama would shoulder the responsibility for more layoffs because he didn't like the recovery blueprints written by GM and Chrysler.
   Obviously somebody in the Obama administration concluded that the cost cutting measures the companies have already taken and were prepared to take in the future did not go far enough.
   As a result Michigan will bleed even more jobs.  The nation leading jobless rate of 12 percent will mushroom.  The only question is how high will the mushroom cloud go?
    Without admitting it, the president must have known that he was causing more job losses or he would not have installed a job recovery czar.
    Dr. Ed Montgomery came to Michigan this week with the promise of more federal aid for the soon-to-be displaced workers and the local communities that play home to auto plants and suppliers.
    Asked if he would also promise to reduce that jobless rate, Montgomery sort of smiled, paused for a moment and opined, "It would be disingenuous of me20to say tomorrow the unemployment rate is going to fade because I came out for a visit. I'm not a magic wand."
    Honest answer, but what about the day after tomorrow?  If you can't promise to lower the jobless rate, why bother?


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