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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Games We Play

   There's a little game we play up here called:  Get the Governor To Say Something Nasty About the President or GTGTSSNATP for short.
   It's usually a fruitless game for the capitol press corps  because governors know we are playing it and they don't want to get in Dutch with the Commander in Chief.
   It has worked however.  Former Gov. Bill Milliken often took the bait when talking about Tricky Dick or his felon sidekick Spiro T. Agnew author of the infamous line to describe journalists:  Nattering Nabobs of Negativism.
   Current Gov. Jennifer Granholm was never bashful about taking a swipe or two at George W.
   But alas with a democrat in the White House, she is now on her best behavior but one sensed this week, she might take the bait.
   When President Obama fired the CEO of General Motors, you could read between the lines when the governor called Rick Wagoner a "scapegoat" and she told the national media that she was "not sure it will do much good."
   She never really slapped the White House, but you could tell she was not pleased.
   Let the game begin.
   She was asked, "Do you completely support everything this president has done to the auto industry?"
   A dead-on question which she ignored.
   She waxed on about how the president wanted to help the industry, bla, bla, bla.
   However she did confess she did not like the bankruptcy option laid out by the president but that was nothing new and certainly didn't move the GTGTSSNATP needle.
   There was one last attempt as she walked out of the capitol.
   Did you support the removal of Wagoner?
   No she did not.
   Did they call you and ask for your advice?
   No they did not.
   So it was a cheap shot wasn't it?
   And the answer was?
   A smile which is very tough to put on the radio or in print.
=0 A
   Oh well, she wins.


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