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Sunday, April 5, 2009

MSU To The Rescue

         Having trashed the auto industry, let's see if anybody outside of Michigan has the guts to trash our basketball team, too.
         Michigan State University is grabbing the kind of national headlines and positive attention that the car guys would love to have but maybe, just maybe going to the NCAA Finals will create a hallow effect that helps everyone in this battered state.
         It could not have come at a better time.  To say the least this state needed the morale booster that comes with watching the Green and White.
         The auto industry is on its knees.
         State government is wallowing in a sea of red ink.
         This eight year recession is unprecedented as it continues a strangle hold on economic growth.
         Families are leaving the state every twelve minutes.
         But here come the Spartans.  If nothing else, collectively we can forget about all that other stuff.  There will plenty of time to go back to that, but for now its time to dream that impossible dream.
         Remember they said MSU could not beat number one ranked Louisville.  Wrong.
         They said  MSU would lose to a bigger and higher ranked Connecticut.20Wrong again.
         And you know what they are saying about the final game against North Carolina.  Could the pundits be wrong three times in a row?
         "Thank you Michigan State.  Thank you Detroit" a raspy voiced Tom Izzo shouted out on national TV after sending the Huskies to the showers.
           The thank you's go both ways.


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