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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tea Party Amnesia

      Give them credit.  The anti-tax crowd is doing a masterful job of orchestrating a series of nationwide "Tea Parties" to protest the tax policies of the new Obama administration. They'll have all the right visuals for the TV news hounds and they'll hit all the "right" rhetorical buttons to whip up the masses into an anti-government fervor.
       Plus our capitol steps will be graced by Joe the Plummer.  Be still our hearts.
       While it may be appropriate to take a shot at the new president, where were these folks when the Bush administration was in office?
       Guess their grievances only count when a democrat is in the White House.
       For example the Tea Party crowd complains about 8 0selling our debt to China."  This did not start on Mr. Obama's watch.
       For example, they grip about "earmarks for special interest groups."  This did not start on Mr. Obama's watch.
       For example, they complain about leaving a debt to our great grand children. Wow. This did not start on Mr. Obama's watch and neither did their complaint about lawmakers not reading the $500 billion tax bill.  Come on.  Not reading a bill is a time-honored tradition in the nation's capitol hardly unique to this administration.
        And then in a fitting rage of anger, the anti tax bunch is upset that they are "taking from your family budget to pay for their federal budget."
        First of all it is "our" federal budget and=2 0secondly taking money from your budget and giving to the feds is hardly a new concept.
        So it will be grand that the Tea-types exercise their right of free speech on April 15th, but while they are at it, they should tell the media and the public that they have a bad case of amnesia, too.


Blogger Baseball said...

Tim, selective amnesia is not unique to this issue. All politicians and constituents have played this game. It too is a time honored tradition like the others you mentioned. But it doesn't make it right.

Just because the Tea Parties weren't visible last 15 April doesn't mean they shouldn't exist now.

Change is what was promised and the opportunity for change is has been provided. Use it or loose it!

April 8, 2009 at 1:42 PM 
Anonymous MaryBeth Erdmann said...

Dear Mr. Skubick;

I am an organizer of the Port Huron Tea Party. I did not get involved in this primarily as a "tax protest", although this is the largest one-time spending bill and deepest deficit ever in this nation's history!

Yes, I am unhappy that for years our people in Washington seem to think that spending more than you have coming in is the way to run things. And we are sick of them "living large" on our dime while sticking it to us.

But this movement is about MUCH MORE. It is obvious you haven't heard the heartbeat of this movement. It is about fear at the rapidity with which bills were rammed through which also effect many areas not related to the economy; which absolutely and dangerously violate the Constitution.

Most of us out here that you seem to be mocking can clearly see we are headed at full steam into socialism; government control of banking and private business; government monitoring your energy use and telling you when and how much to use with 'smart meters'; registering and charging fees for hunting guns and ammunition, and on infinitum.

The "tax day' moniker is because the event is on tax day, and the government which is supported by our money is violating everything we hold dear; using our own money to enslave and suppress us.

This movement is about returning to America's roots; God and the Constitution.

That is the OVERWHELMING commentary I'm getting from the citizens contacting us and coming to the Tea Parties. We are fed up with corrupt government in all parties, the violations against the Constitution and our National Sovereignty, and the moral decay throughout America.

Go ahead, laugh and make fun of us. But know this; WE HAVE BEEN TRAMPLED DOWN ENOUGH!

This is the New American Revolution. Back to the future. . .1773!

April 8, 2009 at 2:08 PM 

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