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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sports Vs. Politics: No Contest

       If you put all the political columnist  in a room for a day and asked them if they were jealous of their counterparts who write for the sports pages, the answer would be a resounding yes.
       Oh sure, political scribes have a higher calling. Their job is to inform citizens so they can be better participants in the democracy.  But tell that to all those citizens and sports writer who are more inspired by the final score on the field rather than in the political arena.
       For example, a ton of readers can tell you whom the Lions selected as their first draft choice.  But ask them to name the three branches of government and watch them stumble.  (Judicial, Executive, Legislative btw.)
       In fact reader interest in the selection of Matthew Stafford in the Detroit News was off the charts. Four of the most read columns were on that and in fifth place was how the Tigers crushed the Royals.
       Over in the Freep, the Lions/Stafford stuff got eight of the top ten stories including numbers one through seven.
       Lost in the shuffle was the remarkable story about the kid from Canton who aced the ACT, SAT, and PSAT and oh yeah, some readers actually wanted to know what was happening with GM and Pontiac.  That finished ninth in reader interest.
      Just think of all the other compelling stories that have a greater impact on our lives:  The first 100 days of the new presidency; our failing urban school system and let's not forget Michigan's economy going to you know where in a hand basket.
      None of those made the top ten.
      Maybe readers are just tired of all the bad news and a little escape journey into the sports world is one way to drown out all their sorrows?
      Or maybe most readers/citizens could give a hoot about the health of our democracy. Hence, maybe instead of Mr. Stafford getting banged around playing for the lowly Lions, maybe he should just run for President. 


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