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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cox Speech No Home Run

        You've seen a ton of political convention speeches in your day and the only thing you remember about them is that you can't remember anything about them.
         The orator faces a crowd of delegates who are talking, wandering around and seemingly doing anything they can to ignore the speaker.  In that light, very few talkers hit a home run.
         Say hello to Attorney General Mike Cox who got up to bat, fouled off a couple of good pitches but was only able to eek out a single.  Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land in the same forum actually never got to first base.
       Normally you would pretty much forget about the Cox and Land messages at the state GOP convention last February, but since both are in the race for governor next year, it was worth watching the videotape.  (Land's speech was critiqued here earlier.)
         Cox tried to ingratiate himself to the partisan crowd by popping the unpopular Gov. Granholm.  Talk about your easy pickin's.
         The A.G. confessed that he and his wife felt that maybe Mikey had been a little too harsh on the governor. "Maybe she's not all that bad," he deadpanned in a sarcastic tone.
          Then he talked about her "left coast ideas" and her "culture of do-nothing-ism" and concluded, "We haven't been half as tough on her as she has been on us."
          That was one of his fouled off pitches which some in the crowd actually heard.
          He then took a swipe at Lt. John Cherry who wants to replace Granholm.
          Like Land, Cox promised better days ahead and finally ripped his single up the middle with a line he wrote himself: "So if you and sick and tired of over taxing, under performing, over spending, zigzagging, job killing, do nothing governor and lt. governor, now is the time to act."
          If everyone had been listening, he could have actually stretched that into a double.


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