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Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Gives Freebie to R's

    When some reporter asked El Presidente the other night about the status of the national Republican Party, you thought for sure he would shoot back, "It's not my job to advise the GOP."  Period and next question.
    But he took the bait and actually did the GOP a favor by giving them the right advice at no charge, no less.
    "I think opposing our approach on every front is probably not a good political strategy," he hit the nail on the head.
     But does the GOP get it?
     Well coincidently just days after the news conference, some high profile R's called a confab in Arlington, Virginia at a local pizza shop where they pledged to revamp the party.
     Former Governors Jeb Bush and presidential wanna-be Mitt Romney confessed their party was the party of always saying, "No" which is what the president was talking about.
     And by forming a new group they pledged to stand for something else.
    "Don't be so nostalgic," Bush advised the crowd which was a reference to the oft-stated GOP mantra that the party needed to get back to its Ronald Reagan roots.
      Fact is, what worked for Reagan way back when does not work now.  Republicans are not winning and won't win by just saying cut taxes and reduce the size of government.
      And they won't win by harping about gay-marriage, gun rights abortion, and a host of other hot-button wedge issues.
     But there is the rub.  There is a side of the party, and you know who you are, that just loves to lecture the world about those issues.  You can't criticize them for having those beliefs or wanting to act on them, but unfortunately for the far right, the voters in the middle of the country's political population could give a hoot.
     But tell that to the conservatives who in fact were out front of the pizza shop protesting what their "reform" minded republican brethren were doing inside.
     There in a nutshell is why the president was right and why the R's are in deep do-do.


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