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Friday, May 1, 2009

Here We Go Again

   First everyone was certain she would land a job in the new Obama administration.  Didn't happen.  Now the speculation is she may end up on the U.S. Supreme Court with Justice Souter hanging up his robe in June.
   As Jennifer Granholm likes to say, "Everybody step back and chill out."
   Will her name be on a list to fill the vacancy?  Probably.
   Will she eventually get the job?  It's a long shot.
   But that will not stop the speculation from engulfing this town for the next 30 days.
    It is interesting that the first Associated Press story out of the nation=E 2s capitol did not include Granholm's name reflecting the reality that there are many more seasoned judicial candidates ahead of her on the White House list.
    After all her resume, while impressive, is not that lengthy as it includes being a law clerk, a federal prosecutor, state attorney general and now governor.  You don't see the title "Judge" in there anywhere and reasonable men and women would concluded that might be a prerequisite for sitting on the highest court in the land. 
    However she did look very judicial when she presided over a hearing to remove Kwame Kilpatrick as Mayor of Detroit.  But playing one is not the same as being one.
    For her part, through her mouthpiece Liz Boyd, the governor reasserts that she intends to finish her term as chief executive.
    However there are some Michigan democrats who would like Ms. Granho lm to find a job somewhere else so that Lt. Governor John Cherry could run for governor as the incumbent. That would marketedly increase the democratic changes of holding onto the seat.
    So pull up a chair if you love to watch the speculation game.  It's about to jump into high gear one more time.


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