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Monday, June 22, 2009

Graduated Income Tax Flip-Flop

   On three previous statewide votes, Michigan folks have resoundingly rejected a graduated income tax which seeks to squeeze more money from the rich while giving a tax break to the middle and lower classes.
    If the current public and private polling data is correct, the attitude has shifted and shifted significantly.  Now if the graduated tax was on the ballot, 60% would say yes.
    It's an almost unbelievable flip-flop which appears to be across the board.  In fact that only sub-groups in the EPIC-MRA survey to reject the concept are men and women between 30-35 years of age, males under 50  and self-described republicans.  Everyone else, no matter age, gender, education, income, or region of the state is on board.
    The data is revealing In so many ways. First you would expect those earning the big bucks would trounce this thing but turns out 53% of those earning20between $75,000 and over $100,000 say yes.  60% of all other income groups agree.
     Everyone knows we are a divided state with those folks on the west side of the state being "different" than those on the east side but both areas back the tax shift.  60% in Wayne-Oakland-Macomb and 55% on the "other" side concur.
     We are also divided north and south and up North, where folks are more conservative, 66% in the Traverse City market say yes while the lowest support, but still a majority of 53%, are in the Lansing area.
     While republicans say no, 78% of the democrats and more importantly, 59% of the critical independent voters want the change, too.
     These numbers are what's driving the behind the scenes efforts to mold a new tax system with a graduated rate.  Even business groups can't deny the movement, but=2 0they want some business tax relief in return if they eventually sign off on a tax system the democrats have wanted for decades and may be on the verge of getting with a possible statewide vote this November.


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