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Monday, June 8, 2009

Man The Life Boats

     So much for the nation healing after the last presidential election.  Any notion that our red and blue state thing would peacefully blend into a purple nation was a nice, yet unrealistic, prayer.
     To wit the latest batch of political bumper stickers floating around the Internet.
     There were two that were actually kind of funny:  Honk If I'm Paying Your Mortgage and Please Don't Tell Obama What Comes After A Trillion.
     But after that, the humor seems to be overwhelmed by the anger, resentment, and fear expressed by those who would slap this stuff on the rear of their car.
     Did You Vote for Obama? Thanks A—hole.
    Don't Blame Me.  I Voted For the American.
     I Will Give Your President the Same Respect You Gave the Governor of Alaska.
     I'll Keep My Money, Freedom and Guns.  You Keep the Change.
     And based on the following, it appears as though we are headed for another round of anti-welfare bashing.
     Vote Democratic.  It's Easier Than Working or Why Work When You Can Steal Money From Those Who Do, or Work Harder. Millions on Welfare Depend on You.
     This type of rhetoric is not unusual when economic times threaten the very foundation of our way of life, but it does not reflect the sentiment that both the President and Michigan's governor have express i.e. we are all in20this together and as one goes, so goes the rest.
     Instead of the rancor of these bumper stickers, it might be refreshing to see this:  Man the Life Boats and Have A Seat Next to Me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs that these bumper stickers are from the "moral religious right" republicans. Morality and christianity use to be based on helping the less fortunate, caring for others, doing the right thing. Not any more - now it is all about abortions and gay marriage, greed and self-righteousness. Make sure those babies are born so we can send them off to murder millions of "undesirables" in our wars or discriminate against them if they don't turn out just like us "good christians". Humanity is no more.

June 10, 2009 at 1:11 PM 

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