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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sneaky Engler

John Engler to the rescue. With the current democratic
governor facing a whooping billion dollar plus budget crunch, there
was good ole Johnny Boy with a two-fer.
First, he had a way for Jennifer Granholm to raise a billion
smackers and then he was helping his new buddy, Barack Obama, deal
with a challenge of his own, i.e. what to do with all those soon to
be former detainees at Guantanamo Bay.
Engler's idea was to ship all those terrorist crooks to
Michigan's Upper Peninsula where they could be housed forever.
Whata guy. Whata guy.
Wait a gall darn minute!
Conservative Republican John Engler doing something to help two
Democrats in dire straits?
Having covered Big John for twenty-seven some years, this was
totally out of character. He never met a Democrat he didn't want to
abuse and so for him to come waltzing in on his white horse to help
the White House and the Governor in the State House…well that was
just too much to swallow.
Knowing him, there must have been a hidden agenda.
No one can prove it, but slip this on for size.
Ever since the Republican lost the Upper Peninsula
Congressional seat, Engler and company have wanted to un-trench the
currently entrenched Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak. Short of
getting him to do something illegal on the U.S, Capitol steps, R's
have failed miserably at ousting the popular Mr. S.
Enter Mr. E. with his Gitmo scheme. Engler reads the papers. He
knows that every congressman and woman in Washington is deftly afraid
that the president is going to ship some or all of the Gitmo gang
into their state.
In fact, when the new president asked the Congress for the money
to shut the prison down, even the Democrats balked at it, sending Mr.
Obama his first and real bi-partisan rebuke.
Give us a plan on how to house the prisoners and then we will
talk, was the message to the new guy on the block.
Engler has a plan. Ship 'em all to the U.P. and then let ole
Bart Stupak try to get reelected next year.
Yeah that's the conniving, bomb-throwing, sneaky Engler we know
so well.
Helping Granholm and Obama? My foot!


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