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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Justice Granholm: Not Now

   For all those democrats hoping to find a one-way ticket out of town for Jennifer Granholm, its  back to the drawing board.  Justice Jennifer Granholm will not be.  Gov. Jennifer Granholm remains in town, much to the chagrin of some of Lt. Gov. John Cherry's most avid supporters.
     Had the governor gone to the nation's highest court, Cherry would have become governor and could run in 2010 as the incumbent.  But it was not to be…at least for now.
     Given a chance to check in on how he felt about the President's decision to pick someone else, Cherry noted, "It was an honor for the governor to be considered" but beyond that he did not venture into the political ramifications of Granholm sticking around.  No shocker there.
      As for Gov. Granholm, it may be sometime before we uncover how she really felt about this speculation.  She is not one to readily disclose her inner most feelings, but she must have been pleased to be considered.  Had she been selected, it would have been a monster story around these parts.
     But now it goes down in the history books as another "close but no cigar" moment for this charismatic governor.  Turned down for a cabinet post by the new president, you can add this one to the list as well, but there is always tomorrow.
     The fact that she even made the short list was a surprise from this listening post. But many of the national commentators picked her for the vacancy which spoke well to her standing with the heavy media hitters in D.C.
      There was no time for reflection as the governor spent the day wandering around Detroit with the Obama administration's auto state recovery czar.  With the high court distraction out of the way, she remains even more focused on the job at hand…getting more jobs into the hands of jobless citizens. 


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