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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bouchard For ____________

     Here we go again with yet another Mike Bouchard for (fill in the blank.)  Even though he is publicly telling anyone who will listen that he is "seriously" considering a run for governor, you should know that he is so serious that he's already made the decision and he will be running.
      Critics of the Oakland County Sheriff argue he is always running for something and to add insult to injury one critic said, "Bouchard wakes up in the morning looking for a mirror or a TV camera."
      Name a politician who doesn't?
      At any rate, the already semi-crowded GOP field for governor will expand by one very soon.  Making the announcement is all about timing.
      In a smart move, it appears the Bouchard fo r Governor camp concluded that going to Mackinac Island last week to make the announcement would have been a waste of time and would not have produced the desired effect i.e. no one would pay attention.
      With the news media pre-occupied with all the auto news, none of it good, Bouchard standing on the porch of the Grand Hotel announcing his grand plans to run the state would have ended up buried in some column on page 92…oops, sorry, newspapers don't have 92 pages any more.
      Thus when the smoke clears and there is a non-news day look for the sheriff to toss his helmet in the ring.  He will not begin as the automatic front runner as Brooks Patterson would have been, had he gotten in, but Bouchard will be formidable given his voter base in Oakland County.
       Rest assured he will be going to his daughter  to do another campaign commercial for the old man just as she did in the unsuccessful Bouchard for U.S. Senate campaign two years ago…with the hopes that this time, it might work.
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