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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watch Your Language

      Watch that provocative language warns the governor as the two sides round third headed for who knows what on the bill to expand Cobo Hall.
      Nobody said this would be easy and for once the folks in this town were right.  When the Detroit City Council blew up the Cobo "deal" hatched last December, everyone knew piecing together a new one would be a challenge.
       Making the job more difficult is the so-called Novi language. The GOP senate wants the verbiage but the democratically controlled house and the governor don't.
       That provision says, if for whatever reason the North American International Auto show does not stay in Detroit, it would shift to Novi in Oakland County.
       In effect Gov. Jennifer Granholm considers those fightin' word s.
      "I don't want to see language that is provocative language that might cause those stakeholders to go in a different direction," she observes while sending a warning to the R's that the Novi stuff should be dropped.
       At this read, the R's are likely to reject the advice.
       Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson continues to argue he doesn't want Detroit to lose the auto show, but if it does and it looks like it may go to Chicago or Los Angles, he wants to nail it for his neck of the woods.
       As they say, something's got to give, but so far no one has given anything…expect for the governor's observation to knock-off the "provocative" lingo.


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