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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rick Who Remains Rick Who

     The latest entrant into the GOP race for governor has two objectives as he bounces around the state to announce his candidacy. The obvious one is to stir up enough support to become governor, but first things first. Rick Snyder has to address a more immediate challenge: Rick who?
    As a complete and utter unknown quantity in the political game, Snyder starts with zero name ID and frankly his first attempt at building on that goose egg was an object failure.
    Despite some very high priced handlers who provided the applause track for his speech, they somehow forgot to provide him some sound advice on how to get his name out to the public.
    Snyder's advance team showed up on the steps of the state capitol and erected a podium with a mike and a bumper sticker attached to the podium. It read, "Rick for Michigan."
    The sign was arranged so that you couldn't see the word "for" and so to the unwashed who didn't know this guy from Adam, it looked as though his name was Rick Michigan.
    In fact after the Lansing event, a female tourist who happened to watch the event asked somebody, "What is his name?"
    One of the "savvy" handlers responded, Rick Snyder.
    The woman said,  "Oh.  I was pretty sure his name was not Rick Michigan."
    It was bad enough that the tiny bumper sticker did not reveal his last name, but the huge bus he is using doesn't either.  It's Rick for Michigan only in bigger letters.
    If businessman Snyder is the hotshot business guy that he says he is, somebody's fat paycheck should take a hit for this sophomoric blunder. Unfortunately "Rick who?" can't fire the inept hire because he has pledged to reduce the state's jobless rate not increase it.


Blogger Kari said...

I believe that would be "abject failure," not "object failure."

July 22, 2009 at 10:21 AM 

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