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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parallel Lines Never Meet

     When is the last time you used Algebra II in your daily life?
      Can't remember can you and good thing because you don't remember a darn thing about the silly course, right?
      Well in the middle of all the hubbub in this town about the budget deficit, cutting programs and raising taxes, remerges a continuing saga on whether ordinary high school kids need Algebra II to graduate.
     The law on the books say they do.
     Rep. Joel Sheltrown (D-West Branch) says they don't.
     This issue has deeply fractured the education community as Sheltrown contends there is a "disconnect" between what is said in Lansing in favor of the requirement and "the reality in the field."
     One school superintendent tells Sheltrown 55% of his students will have trouble getting a sheep skin next year because of the mandate.
     Baloney retorts the governor and the state school superintendent who argue the rigors of taking this higher math course is just what the doctor ordered for kids to land a job of the future.
      Instead Sheltrown says teach the kids about "financial literacy" i.e. what's an ARP, what's a sub-prime mortgage, and how can you save for retirement.  "This is far more practical," he contends "than higher math."
      Of course all the "stupid" folks who have trouble with math are going, "Go get'em Mr. Sheltrown."
       Others counter that students still n eed the "logic" that higher math imbeds in their heads.
       If that's the case then, how come nobody can remember why two parallel lines never meet?  And if they have trouble meeting, let'em hire a dating service.


Anonymous David Porter said...


How about a voice from the past. How are you doing. I caught your face in a recent WKAR piece, on-line, not too long ago, and decided to look you up.

Dave Porter

July 15, 2009 at 1:06 PM 
Blogger Leeanna said...

"remerge" - merge again

"re-emerge" - appear again

English grammar and spelling are also vital courses of study. Civics classes teach the students about ARP, stock markets, statistics and what they mean in our society. Algebra is the road to logical, analytical thinking. The three R's still apply. Our state's graduation and test records show the Michigan Merit Curriculum is desperately needed for our children. Teachers either do not WANT to teach the rigorous curriculum or are not qualified. Students learn when teachers teach. Lots of unemployed teachers are available.

July 18, 2009 at 8:43 PM 

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