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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gov. vs. Unions

    To the untrained eye, you would assume that Michigan's democratic governor and organized labor have a peachy relationship.
    Nope.  Sometimes it's more like prunes.
    All this goes back to her days with mentor Ed McNamara who ran Wayne County government with a decidedly anti-labor tinge.  Eddie and the union guys didn't always see eye to eye. And since Ms. Granholm learned at the knee of Mr. Ed before she ran for governor, the unions were not exactly head over heels in love with McNamara-lite.
    Once she became governor, she immediately knocked heads with labor over the Democratic Party Chair.  The UAW wanted Mark Brewer to stay.  The governor wanted long time pal Butch Hollowell to takeover.  She would not budge.  Labor would not budge.  So they hatched a hybrid:  The two guys would be co-chairs.  It was an unqualified disaster.
    Recently she tried to convince the state troopers union to take time off without pay, and failed and two years ago she pimped the Michigan Education Association over its insurance coverage.
    It's not that she is anti-labor.  She's just not as pro-labor as the unions would like.
    And now she and labor disagree on the need for a new state constitution. 
    The governor favors a so-called Con-Con while labor is headed toward a rejection.  Union bosses figure if conservative R's get a chance to rewrite state law, labor will get a right to work state, it will loose the minimum wage and gain a prevailing wage which unions loath, and union benefits and retirement stuff could be lost.
   Either the governor never thought of that, or she doesn't care.  Whatever the reason, it's just another example of how she and the union movement are out of step. 


Anonymous Brian Perks said...

I agree that the governor is out of step but not just with unions. She is out of step with the world at large, and is by far the worst governor our state has ever had. On the bright side of things, she is probably the best advertisement Republicans can have and the best reason to change. Now if we can just get rid of Senators Levin and Stabenow, we could really move forward.

July 7, 2009 at 10:14 AM 

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