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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Give It Up Guys

          46% of those serving In the Michigan senate apparently don't give a hoot when it comes to spreading the pain of reducing the state budget deficit.  It looks like a classic case of do as I say, not as I do.
          While the bulk of state government workers prepare for an elongated holiday break without pay, seventeen of the state senators are taking their 4th of July break with pay.
          What's wrong with that picture?
          Next time you bump into one of the senators on the list that follows, you might ask them that question.
          Here are the area senators who have not coughed up a single penny as part of the state's six-day furlough program:
=0 A
          From Oakland County you have Nancy Cassis and John Pappageorge.
          From Macomb County Senator Alan Sanborn who never misses a chance to gripe about the cost of government with the exception of his paycheck of course.
          From Wayne County there's Bruce Patterson, Ray Basham, Buzz Thomas and Martha Scott.
         Randy Richardville brings up the rear from Monroe County.
         Conversely, 54% of the senators have kicked in some savings by reducing their pay including Jud Gilbert from Algonac and Glenn Anderson of Westland.  They have taken a $1300 hit on their yearly salary, which is the equivalent of six days off without any pay.
    0    Four area senators have taken two days off and they include Mike Bishop, Gilda Jacobs, both from Oakland County and two Macomb County Senators, Dennis Olshove and Mickey Switalski are on board with a $436 pay cut.
         In a game where perception is reality and symbolism means a lot, having 46% of the state senate turning a deaf ear to self-sacrifice does not look or feel very fair.


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